What Causes Gang Violence?

 There are many ways to answer this question, but I’d like to focus on one important contributing factor. A majority of people may say that the biggest reason as to why there is this never ending gang violence in society is because of the fight for territories and/or distribution of drugs. While I agree that they are correct, I think there is a side that is forgotten. What some people may overlook about gangs is that it is a safe haven and a brotherhood to some, if not all, of its members. A lot of times, these kids choose to become part of a gang because in the impoverished and dangerous neighborhood that they live in, a gang feels safe. A gang becomes a family that will fight for you to the death, literally. When a gang member is threatened by someone outside of the gang, the whole gang is threatened as well. Now say that the one who threatened is part of another gang from a different neighborhood. What then? Now we’ve got two gangs who are at war with each other to protect their members. Gang violence, is sparked not only by territories or drugs, but the fight for each other as well. The brotherhood that each member has committed to is for life, and for that, they fight for one another until they die.


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