Address by George Engel, Condemned Haymarket Activist

The address by George Engel was completely surprising from a man who, according to him, was wrongly accused for murder. He stated that “[he] was in [his] apartment” when the bomb exploded in Haymarket Square which killed a number of people. However, instead of trying to clear his name, his address does the complete opposite. Boldly pointing out the corruption in the government towards the working class, he didn’t deny his stance as anti-capitalistic. His point in making the address was not to try to justify his actions or attempt to clear his name; it was to highlight the extortions made upon the working class. His choice to be anti-capitalistic was merely his choice, but the address gives light to the events that has led to numerous workers to protest and strike against companies. Is this problem still prevalent in our society today, even with the unions available? If so, are the unions doing a good job of preventing violent strikes such as the Haymarket Bombing?


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