C-Day Reading

Frank Steunenberg Assassination

This source was solely based off of  Harry Orchard, the murderer that leaves a lot of unanswered questions. Though he explains the events leading up to the assassination in detail, I found myself still unsatisfied with his story. Not that I think it’s false, but because his story doesn’t put all the pieces together. Why wait 6 years? Why did Orchard do it; what was the benefit for him? Was Steunenberg’s assassination actually because of the WFM? The story that Orchard told was well-detailed, almost scripted, actually, but it only tells the story of what newspapers could have made out from the crime scene. The motives, reasons, benefits, and culprit(s) behind it all are left unanswered.


War in C’ouer D’Alene

This source was written by Spokane Weekly Review, which I am assuming is a magazine or newspaper of some sort. The source itself, I will trust, is very factual which in a lot of cases is a good thing to leave the biases aside. However, sometimes, it’s hard to determine what really went on when the tone of the oppressed and/or the tone of the oppressors are not present in the text. While in the source of the assassination of Frank Steunenberg lacked more outside facts, this source lack the inside biases. I wish this article from the magazine/newspaper came with full personal interviews with the people that were involved in the war–it’d be easier to paint a clearer picture.


The Ludlow Massacre

The title of this source already struck me surprised, “The United States Commission on Industrial Relations Charges the Colorado National Guard with Inticing Violence, 1913”. For so many years, from what I’ve read, the government has had no action towards labor violence to help oppressed workers. Yet this source claims to be blaming the violence on the Colorado National Guard, not the workers. What was so extreme about Ludlow that it trumped the near seventy massacred in C’ouer D’Alene? 


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