Justification of US Government on Violence

From all the sources that I’ve read in the past week, a common theme has popped up when it came to when U.S. Government used violence in the treatment of non-whites. Their justification for violence against non-whites is necessary assimilation to the white culture. The traditions or culture of non-whites are so different from the white men that they believe that non-whites are in desperate need of help in becoming civilized. For the Native Americans, they were forced out of their territories, some even killed, and put into schools where they learned how to cook, talk, speak, and write English, and dress English/American. Filipinos, though they were not forced to learn the American life, they were forced to live the American way as the U.S. Government sought to take over the islands into becoming territories, subjecting the Philippines under American law. Assimilation to the white culture is what drove the U.S. Government into taking forceful actions against the non-whites, and wether they felt it was wrong or necessary is unknown but it is clear that they were willing to kill to “help” non-whites into becoming accustomed to the white culture.


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