Syphilis Study at Tuskegee

In terms of treatment between the volunteers in the Tuskegee study and people of color in Americao in general, a common theme of unfairness pops up again and again. This time, however, the unfairness in treatment comes in the form of lack of information. The subjects in the 1972 study were not given the information of what the real purpose of the study was, which made it an unethical project. In addition to that, penicillin was available for syphilis since 1942 but were not given to the test subjects of the syphilis study. Looking at America’s history in the violent, unfair, and uncaring treatment of non-whites, their behavior and unethical procdures in the 1972 Syphilis Study wasn’t so surprising. African Americans and other non-whites have been victims of violent oppression, discrimination, murder, and riots that the Syphilis Study did nothing more but to add on to the list: bio death. It’s more sickening than surprising reading the article because one would think that a human life would mean enough to not use volunteering as a way to kill.


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