Personal Inventory

The study of how social and cultural topics of race, gender, orientation, and class lead and/or determine social inequality.

The slightest signs of racism and orientation oppression is everywhere I go, everywhere I’ve went, and probably wherever I will go. There are times when I’m the one saying the comment, and whether I realize what I’m saying or not, it doesn’t change the fact that the though came through my head.
Living in Waukegan, where Latinos are the majority, I had to go to the elementary & junior high schools. Mostly in junior high, that’s where I was mostly exposed to the racist and derogatory comments between Latinos, African-Americans, Asians, and White-Americans. Most, if not all White-Americans were called “white trash”. African-Americans were told to take a shower; Latinos were called “wet-backs”. Asians were always stereotyped as smart and nerdy, which where I fell under. However, looking back to it, I dont remember feeling bad about those comments as I do now. I’ve had my fair share of those comments, but I never said it out loud. It was always just in my head because I was afraid that if I said those things to them that I would be beaten up on my way home.


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