The Invisible War

The rape epidemic within the military is not state-sponsored because the acts of rape were committed by individuals on their own accord. The military did not specifically order or require the perpetuaters to target a specific person and commit rape. The military oversees thousands of soldiers in many different branches, and are not able to closely keep an eye of every soldier under their wing. It is the responsibility of each and every soldier to protect one another and failure to do so is his/her own fault. The military cannot control an individual’s thoughts, decisions, and actions; therefore, to label the rape epidemic as an all state-sponsored issue is unfair to the military.

However, the military is not completely innocent because they play a large part in being the sponsors of the military rape epidemic as well. The Invisible War revealed that a lot of the acts were committed by fellow trainees, soldiers, and friends however, a large number of the cases claimed that their seniors and commanding officers have also done the same horrible crime. The very people that should be protecting the victimized soldiers are the very same people that commit the crime. The military is responsible for the well-being and justice for its soldiers when a crime is acted upon them, yet time and time again the corrupt system chooses to slide the cases under the rug which allows the cycle of rape to continue. Their choice of not acting upon the cases of rape is what perpetuates the cycle, making the military rape epidemic a state-sponsored issue.


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